A Walk in the Forest

A walk in the forest

Far from the city sound

Nature’s wondrous music

Playing all around

Gigantic trees and sky

As far as I can see

I’m just a single note

In this vast and endless symphony.



A bird is sitting on a branch

That’s swaying in the wind

Left and right and up and down

Looks like a fun, fun see saw ride


There’s no one on the other side.

The Bully

I watch the pigeons eat their breakfast

On the railing of my deck

Happy and content

Another pigeon comes along

And plops down in their middle

He shushes all the pigeons on his left

They scoot away

He does the same thing on the right

And as they leave the others come right back

He turns to them and makes them flee

While the second batch returns

No one’s eating in this game

This bully pigeon plays

In the middle of all this

A mighty wind gust comes along

And blows away their seeds

With nothing left for them to eat

All astound

They sit and look at me

To bring another round.