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Would you like to help, knowing that, without paying any middle man, your money goes right to where it's needed?

Viva House
For 40 years,
Viva House has been fighting the good fight against hunger, injustice, and war from its home in Southwest Baltimore. Run by members of the Catholic Worker movement, Viva House operates a soup kitchen that serves hundreds of meals a day and a vibrant after-school tutoring program for neighborhood children (which turns into a summer camp when the weather turns warm). But that just scratches the surface of what Viva House does to help make Baltimore--and the world--a better place, and of what you can do to help make Viva House stronger. Financial donations are welcome and much-needed! For more information write to:

Viva House, 26 S. Mount Street

Baltimore, MD 21223

Call: 410-233-0488


You can help by merely placing a link to this page into your Website:

P.S. I added this web page to my site, after playing for their fund raiser and meeting the family, whose members have dedicated their lives to helping the homeless and the hungry!